Responding Essay Objections

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I think one of the ways you could you could make a response to the objection is to argue that when we talk about cutting things because of budgeting that the need of focus on testing that’s secondary to the traditional educational content that schools offer and one of those one of part of that content includes music and arts historically so maybe that would be an example right so just getting the practice of developing objection and then offered a brief response now rule 38 I don’t have much to say about this because I think it’s pretty straightforward it’s the idea that you need to get feedback and use it right so one of the things is once once you write in a first draft and then a second draft SN you’ve reworked the objections and all that sort of stuff and you have to sort of draft you’re ready to look at what you need to do is you need to let other people look at it and let them give you feedback and responses to it.

Now when people give you feedback we need to actually use the feedback that they give you so one of the things I find for instance in my own set of classes is that a lot of times students will write essays I’ll give feedback and then they don’t use the feedback so if someone gives you feedback you need to use it now we should mention here though that there are cases in which feedback may not be not all feedback is equal and so you have to prioritize how you’re gonna use feedback but any every time you get feedback you need to at least to consider how you could use it and if you will and then finally rule 39 here is modesty please don’t claim more than you have shown so here the basic idea is be humble remember when you’re writing an argumentative essay that that you’re actually learning about what you think and the truth is is that you don’t know everything right I don’t know everything so you need to be humble and this means this is important because this goes to the whole notion of what an argument essays supposed to do but is it supposed to facilitate dialogue on a specific topic or so please be humble as you write these things and write it remember the let’s put there’s a the best writers are the ones who are still learning and who recognize they’re still in a process of learning.

So what a lot of times if what I’ve found in the past is that if the student writes an essay and it has lacks modesty and they sort of presume a lot of things it’s usually a poor essay it’s not poor because I don’t like their writing style or whatnot it’s poor because they’re so confident that they haven’t considered other objections for instance and I haven’t considered other points of view or other modes of interpretation that need to be addressed and we all can fail because of those sorts of mistakes so please be modest right remember you’re still in the process of learning and all of us are really right let me go back here to the beginning here so as you can see that’ll actually conclude our discussion now for argumentative essays and what the rules of reasoning are for them now there is a lot more we could say here and again these this video series is fairly broad in general but I’m hoping that these rules of reasoning are some of a quick guide to help you.