Book Review: Population: 485

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Book Review: fabulous book I have given to friends

Rating: 5 stars

I have passed this book along to many and recommended it to even more- it is well written, interesting and touching. The author is an EMT in his small town of New Auburn WI- Population 485 and the town’s folk – his neighbors and friends -are portrayed with true warmth and humor. There are passages in this book that are so evocative of the human experience I cried – and so did my husband who read it upon my recommendation. It was passed to me a friend and I have given a number of copies and have to keep buying one “for myself.” Well worth the time and money- a little gem of a book.

Book Review: Perry = an approachable volunteer and wordsmith

Rating: 5 stars

This was an excellent read, by all accounts. The author’s ability to articulately convey time, imagery, flavor, and life was superb.

As a fellow volunteer in fire and rescue, it was wonderful to read his accounts of life and death as presented with humanistic grace.

Would be a great book for an upper-level high school or college English class.

Book Review: Good for the heart, soul, and funny bone!

Rating: 5 stars

Mike, thank you for a great read and experience!

I laughed, tore, and drifted to similar experiences.

The first book in a long while that I kept a dictionary next to me. Well presented stories with just the right balance of harsh reality of rescue and fun, quirky personalities – a well-woven journey.

Thanks for putting us in touch with the realities of rural EMS (I’ve done it, too) and a better appreciation for a wonderful slice of American life.

I’ll read it again and again!

Highly recommend this to any volunteer fire/rescue folks to help ground us in common spirit!



Book Review: Thank you, Michael Perry

Rating: 5 stars

The author reads the book on CD, which adds the spin the author wants you to hear in each chapter. What a heartwarming book about neighbors & kindness, which isn’t seen in our communities often enough these days. We enjoyed you from Mississippi to Tennessee this summer…Thanks!!

Book Review: Captures small-town life well

Rating: 4 stars

Perry is masterful in introducing the reader to live in small-town America through the residents of New Auburn, Wisconsin, and the surrounding area. He is particularly effective at managing that small town paradox where everyone knows everyone, but still allows for privacy. There’s much of every character that remains an unknown, and that’s part of the allure.

In and around the eccentricity and stark reality of life in a small town, Perry provides some sometimes interesting discussion of the history of fire, firefighting, and related topics. Though some are worth reading, Perry sometimes wanders in and out of these discussions, which are treated at great length. A little less focus here, and this would be a perfect read. If you find yourself getting bogged down in these sections, skip ahead and keep reading–they shouldn’t distract you from what Perry does best: introducing you to rural America one unique individual at a time.