All About Five Paragraph Essay

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Welcome to this lecture which will explain to you how to write an essay the student should be able to describe what is in each of the five paragraphs in the essay define what a thesis is in an essay find and cite a source with evidence for a point that supports the thesis and give an example of changing informal language to form a language I’m Monica wahi a lecturer at Library College in Milton Massachusetts if you are not in my class I hope this  helps you write your own five paragraph essay but please realize that your class may have different requirements for your essay if you are in my class at lab or a college then watch and listen carefully if you follow the instructions in this  you will write a dynamite high quality essay that will get you an excellent grade so wherever you are from welcome. Check great examples of five paragraph essays at Edusson.

I hope you get a lot out of my lecture on how to write a five paragraph essay okay so let’s go over with this  covers first this  will define what a thesis is and explain the parameters of this assignment I will go over the resources you can use to help you write your essay as well as coach you on how to do research for your essay then I will go through each of the five paragraphs and explain how to break them then I’ll cover a few more topics about your essays I’ll go over the reference list the requirements for the writing style grading and other resources you can use in addition to the essay resources alright let’s get started before I explain the requirements of your assignment let me be clear about what an essay actually is an essay is a short piece of writing often assigned as homework this is because essays require the student to exercise skills taught in high school in college such as close reading analysis and persuasion the purpose of the essay or the reason that teachers and professors assign essays is so that the student has a chance to practice developing his or her own ideas and concepts directed mainly by the student’s own thoughts.

This can be contrasted to the concept of a research paper where the goal is very different from an essay in a research paper no opinion is presented only facts so the essay assignment gives the student a chance to practice stating a reasoned opinion I added a link to the slide which goes into more detail about essays why we have them the different types help with writing them and so on you will see if you go to the link this cute logo the ole owl is spelled Oh W L and that actually stands for the Purdue University online Writing Lab I’ll be setting that amazing resource throughout the course gotta love the whole so the good news about five paragraph essays is that they are short only five paragraphs.